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Four years for Café Canela!!!

2023 was our rollercoaster year.

We started the year with a newly opened shop where we got to see our long-time followers in person. We met wonderful new clients who became Café Canela regulars and friends.

We won our first award as business owners. It was a tremendous honour to realize how much support we received from our community, amigos and family!

We shared Café Canela's story on 3 different podcasts.

And gave several interviews!

We hosted in-person culinary workshops and demos. Our favourite part was sharing both of our cultures through food and hearing your stories and anecdotes during the workshops.

We participated in way too many pop-up markets, some were successful, and others were absolute failures.

We took the difficult decision to close our shop. We had to regroup and pivot.

We ended the year with an amazing Christmas market tour and we got the chance to go home for the holidays for the first time in 8 years.

We plan to take the first months of 2024 to get inspired again, research, develop new recipes and learn new techniques to be able to come back stronger than ever. To do that, we have temporarily closed our online boutique. Our calendar will reopen for orders in June.

Like always, we want to share this journey with you, we're planning great collabs and online classes.

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