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We're Nominated for 5 Empy Awards!

Updated: Feb 24

The EMPY awards were created to highlight Latin American entrepreneurship and foster the growth of Latin -American businesses in Quebec!

This year the exhaustive list of nominees was sent to a jury committee, made up of more than 20 prominent Latin American companies, and entrepreneurs in Montreal, who worked hard to select the finalists.

The winner will be chosen by popular vote (here is where your vote comes in) and announced at the Empy Awards Gala.

Moments after receiving our first Empy Award in 2023

Last Year your votes earned us the 2022

Empy Award for Best Storytelling!

This year we're very proud to announce we're finalists in 5 categories!!!

We need your vote to bring home the awards.

To make the voting process easier we've created a rundown of our nominations with a direct link to vote for us!!

1. Entrepreneur of the Year

This is the most prestigious( and coveted) category that celebrates the best entrepreneur/business of 2023.

We are very honoured to be finalists alongside 15 amazing Latin-American entrepreneurs.

Vote for us here: Business/Entrepreneur of the Year

2 . Brand Awareness/Consistency

This Category resonates with us because it honours the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.

Creating a consistent brand through our authenticity, bright colours, fun posts and nostalgic treats has been one of our first goals and biggest achievements!

Vote for us here: Brand Awareness/Consistency

3. Instagram Profile of the Year

Our Instagram Profile through the years

We consider this a very important category. Entrepreneurs have to be multifaceted to survive. This facet of our business has been an amazing creative outlet for us.

4. Gastronomic Company of the Year

We are honoured to be finalists alongside 5 Latin American gastronomic companies this year. Each finalist is a unique asset to Montreal's gastronomical scene.

5. Website of the Year

Our website has been a window to our world. It has changed with us as we grow.

With every update, we strive to make it as user-friendly and fun as our brand.

Vote for us here: Website of the year

Last but not least we want to thank you for the constant support you have given us during these four crazy years we've been in business, we believe the best is yet to come!

-Marytza & Celine

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