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Discovering Campechanas

During our trip to Mexico we visited the small viticultural village of Parras

(parras literally means vines in Spanish).

After a tour of the vineyards we learned that the handmade sweets of Parras are very famous. We could not leave before visiting a dulceria (artesanal candy shop).

That’s when we discovered the campechanas!

Campechanas are crispy puff pastries baked with a layer of caramelized sugar on top.

As soon as we tasted them it reminded us of the Haitian "langue de boeuf"!

We gave our father one to try and ,after he got over a "ratatouille moment", we walked out of the dulceria with a box full of campechanas !!

Whether it is with our Haitian pâtés, conchas or tamales, at Café Canela we work hard to give you those moments that transport you to a happy place and lift your mood !

Dont be shy ! Share one of your "ratatouille moments " with us in the comments bellow.

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