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5 things to eat on your next trip to Mexico.

We know that choosing what to eat while traveling can be overwhelming, especially when you visit a place with so much culinary diversity.

We wouldn't want you to end up eating fast food because its the most familiar option .

Today we'll be sharing 5 things you must absolutely try out on your next trip to Mexico!

You will be able to find this Mexican classics no matter where you go in Mexico.


Let´s start with one of Mexico's greatest gifts to the world.

1. TACOS!!!

You will be able to find them anywhere and there's a taco for every one.

Here are a couple of examples for you. Tacos al pastor, marinated pork tacos topped with pineapple, onions and coriander. Queso fundido tacos, literally melted cheese tacos, usually served with chorizo or mushrooms.

2. Tortas

They are the Mexican sandwich made with bolillo or telera bread.

You can find a multitude of flavours including ham and avocado, barbacoa, al pastor and even beans and cheese .

3. Flautas

Stuffed rolled and fried corn tortillas usually topped with shredded lettuce, cream, cheese and your choice of salsita, the classics are pulled beef and mashed potatoes.

4. Quesadillas

This delicious Mexican classic is basically a folded stuffed tortilla but here's the deal.

If you're in northern Mexico quesadillas are stuffed with cheese.

If you're in southern Mexico they are stuffed with picadillo, zucchini flowers or any other delicious ragout and you have to ask for them to have cheese!

5. Elotes en vaso or Esquites

Boiled corn prepared with butter, lemon juice, chilli powder, and cheese is the classic snack you buy at the park.

We hope this small list can help you to start discovering our beloved Mexican food.

It is so complex and varies from north to south and east to west.

This is just a very basic starting point.

We recommend you ask the locals as they are the ones that know best what to eat and where !

Happy Eating !


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